Sorrento: a pearl of beauty and timeless charm

Sorrento is a city with a unique location, overlooking the sea and surrounded by breathtaking views. Thanks to its thousand-year history, salty air and strategic location, Sorrento has been a popular destination for the European Grand Tour since the 18th century. Today, Sorrento continues to fascinate visitors from around the world thanks to its beautiful historic center, quaint narrow streets, ancient churches, and noble palaces.

In addition, the city has inspired many artists and thinkers over the past two centuries, and it is an ideal destination for tourists wishing to visit places of great interest such as the archaeological excavations of Pompeii, the island of Capri, Positano and the rest of the Amalfi Coast, as well as the vibrant city of Naples.

Sorrento also boasts an extraordinary culinary tradition, combining delicacies of sea and land to satisfy every taste.

The city is extremely hospitable and cheerful, and offers numerous city events and decorations throughout the year, including those during the “low season,” such as Christmas, making it an ideal destination for travel at any time of the year.

In addition, Sorrento preserves ancient and poetic traditions such as the Palme di confetti, small floral confections made of sugared almonds, which are prepared for Palm Sunday, the gateway to the rites of Holy Week that culminate in the processions of the hooded men on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

In short, Sorrento is a city that must be experienced in every inch to fully grasp its essence, as it gives a golden time to fill one’s eyes with wonder.

Sorrentine food and wine, handicrafts and marquetry are the excellences of the Campania region. The Sorrento Peninsula, famous throughout the world for its natural beauty, is also an area rich in gastronomic delicacies and ancient craft traditions.

Sorrento cuisine, in fact, is one of the most appreciated in Italy and the world. Among the typical dishes, we find the famous limoncello, ravioli alla caprese, gnocchi alla sorrentina, fresh fish from the Gulf of Naples, and many other specialties. Sorrento cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients, such as vegetables grown in the peninsula’s fields and fish caught at sea.

But food and wine is not the only excellence of the area. Sorrentine craftsmanship is world-famous for its mastery of woodworking and marquetry. Sorrentine marquetry is an ancient and refined craftsmanship technique that involves working with wood to create exquisite designs and decorations. Sorrentine craftsmen are masters at creating unique and high-quality objects, such as caskets, boxes, clocks, frames and more.

In conclusion, the Sorrento Peninsula is an area rich in excellent food and wine and handicrafts. Sorrento traditions are alive and respected, and are a heritage to be preserved and promoted.

What to do and see in Sorrento

Sorrento is a beautiful coastal town located in the Campania region of southern Italy. Here are some of the many activities and places to visit during your stay:

  1. Visit the historic center: the historic center of Sorrento is a maze of narrow, quaint streets. You can admire the white-painted houses and stroll along the alleys, visiting craft stores selling limoncello, ceramics and other local products.
  2. Walk on the Marina Grande: The Marina Grande is Sorrento’s old and picturesque marina, with colorful fishing boats and restaurants overlooking the sea. You can take a walk on the pier and enjoy local dishes such as seafood.
  3. Admire the view from Piazza Tasso: Sorrento’s main square is a great place to admire the view of the Bay of Naples. You could also visit the church of San Francesco, which is located in the same square.
  4. Visit Sorrento Cathedral: the Sorrento Cathedral, dedicated to Saints Philip and James, is a beautiful Baroque-style church with elaborate frescoes and decorations. The attached cloister is also worth visiting.
  5. Hike to the Sorrento Peninsula: the Sorrento Peninsula offers many breathtaking views, such as views of the rocky coastline and Mount Vesuvius. You could take a hike or boat trip to explore the natural beauty of the area.
  6. Visit the Correale Museum in Newfoundland: this museum houses an extensive collection of artwork, furniture, and artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries. You’ll also see a number of paintings by famous local artists.
  7. Taste the local cuisine: Sorrento is famous for its cuisine, particularly fish and seafood dishes. I recommend you try the famous limoncello, a sweet liqueur made from local lemons.

In summary, Sorrento offers many attractions and activities that are worth exploring even in just one day. I hope these ideas have given you some ideas for planning your trip!